Newkey Media hits 14th Year in Buisness!

September 1, 2012 marks Newkey Media Solutions 14th year in Business. Through this current continuing economic recession we have seen many new businesses in our industry come and go. These other media/web/graphic companies grow, merge and get huge, become monsters, sell out again, then suddenly their brand and company disappears. There is something to be said about being a small micro business who is on track and hiring people with true multiple talents who have and are invested in the brand of Newkey. We are prideful in the fact that we have built our family business with our own hands. Newkey has invested much time, energy and capital to sustain our brand through the good economic and bad economic times; Newkey Media is small enough to still grow, large enough to still handle nation-wide campaigns and projects with no need to merge with others to survive. We believe in No Merging, No Gimmicks, No Mascots ( use or Animals or Insects), or Ugly Symbols …because it’s not about that…( we don’t need that to be successful) Our design work is about Custom, Prefect Beautiful Clean Design, going beyond the industry’s standard … standing the test of 14 years thus far. Newkey continues to be ahead of the curve with design excellence and innovation. All the work done from Newkey Media Solutions really does speak for itself. To our existing clients : A very big Thank You for giving us the opportunity to brand your company for print and the web as we continue to be a vital part of your business. To new and potential clients in the future: Come on and climb aboard the branding business model that we will prepare for your success and return on investment.

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