Food and Restaurants websites and designing for them

Key Points Moving Forward

On a recent podcast for the good, the bad and the ugly of restaurants and food establishments… we think there are some things to take into consideration as well as elaborating on some key points on a food restaurant websites on how to make the functional as well as look great.

Imagery and Movement

Imagery is key to what needs to be on the site, as a focal point, the image of the restaurant or food or related industry is all about branding awareness. Show that pasta, the atmosphere of the establishment, Entice the viewers, have those images rotate, (yes) it could be in flash, but use a XML counterpart to upload and change the images often. Alot of the clients we deal with want some kind of movement on the site… So it’s ok, to work with flash… and using the XML to control it, but don’t overload it, and then the flash controls the site… Not good. However Google these days picks up the XML thus controlling the flash on it for optimization… So its a win, win situation for the customer, the designer and the business owner.

Use of Smart Phones and Devices

Most people still use a pc at home, work or public locations to access the internet, even though smart phones are becoming a increase in our society, (such as the apple culture using the iphone, The blackberry users ( some higher models can get flash now), android uses html and the like). Also, knowing that ” flash” doesn’t work on the iphone, ipad or etc, you can have an alternative rotating gif image behind the flash, so it has movement and something can be seen.

If you build it . . .

We think it should be a marriage between all elements that makes a website unique enough for the customer, or end user to be engaged on the website. The idea is to make those who are trigger happy on a website relax a minute and enjoy the craftsmanship of a fully functional, simple to navigate website. This marriage of elements brings the brand to the end user so they stay on the site longer. The longer they stay, the more they will likely check out the service or visit the establishment. There is so much to say about websites today, as end users demand an experience. They want to be sold, weather its that hot Italian dish at your local restaurant or they want to visit it because of the ambiance of the photos that draw you in.

. . . they will come.

When you arrive there, it feels like you already have been there, because of the experience from the website, then the web designer has done their job right, portraying the right message for the right audience.

In Conclusion

After designing for many food and restaurants in the capital region, we have picked a few examples:

The first one is a little shop in Glenville New York who marries the gourmet take out catering style to the Desserts, Frosted Cookies and Cakes. After visiting the site, we would say many of you, may want to visit them.

We have also had the privilege of working with one other 5 star banquets facility in the Capital region, to re brand their website.

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