Our 2 Cents!

Since the inception of the internet the advertising industry and those who create graphics has been using online tools as a selling point for Business to Business and to clients. The idea of starting a company and growing it to create a online presence for businesses has been squashed more and more over the years by national corporate companies who provide that service completely for free. Many competitors that are boutique style web and design companies have folded due to lack of work and refusing to change with times. Even though free has been thrown into the mix doesn’t mean out of work. There is always work once the small business client realizes that their is value in what we do. What about keeping their brand? Maintenance for them at a small cost? Photography? SEO marketing and social media needs or helping them out with their graphics on their site. So the industry is not dead or even putting people out of work, its changing. The focus for small to mid sized business is not necessarily on developing something custom that can’t or won’t pay for anymore. Its on other needs within the advertising budget that they may have and how do we evolve within that. There will always be that occasional custom website developed for the individual or small business with those who do not compromise but welcome to the push button world of the 21st century where most business assumes that advertising something that used to cost thousands are now using smaller budgets or free. Our answer is to evolve or become extinct. And we are not going by the waste side of the dinosaurs.

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