website design


Newkey Media creates the prefect balance between the aesthetic and navigational architecture of our designs. The soul of every site we create is a delicate balance between the art of the design and the functionality. By using the human element and not just a program out of a box, there is an enormous amount of care put into each custom made site. Made as organically as possible, to handle the latest trends in website optimization and to be visually appealing to what the true definition of advertising should be.

  • responsive design

  • html 5 standards

  • 100 % custom designs

  • ecommerce

  • mobile editions
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    graphic design


    Newkey Media's Traditional graphic design services are second to none. Our designs start the branding of a business, product or item. All of Newkey's professional designers are schooled and are passionate about representing the highest standard in our industry. It's something that is wired in our souls. We help to promote and propel your business using our team to help you create your branded identity on business cards, brochures, signs and anything else we can help you come up with...

  • brands

  • logo design

  • business cards

  • newsletters / brouchures

  • product design
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    seo - marketing


    Your potential customers are searching online.

    Can they find you?

    90% of people are using the internet and search engines to find what they are looking for. Luckily for you, there are ways to increase the ranking of your website and your position on the search engines. Our SEO Specialists are first-class in all aspects of Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing.

  • search engine optimization

  • search engine marketing

  • social media implimentation

  • tools for marketing

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    audio recording


    Newkey Media Solutions offers a state of the art "Pro" Recording Studio. Music Production includes the following services:

  • bands

  • solo artists

  • radio commericals

  • film scoring

  • pre / post production
  • remixing sound facility

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