Meditative Marketing™

Meditative Marketing™

Meditative Marketing™ is a brand new program developed and founded by Newkey Media Solution’s  Vice President, Antoinette Di Mascio. After nearly 20 years of experience in the creative marketing and design field, Ms. Di Mascio has developed a program integrating ancient Yogic Philosophies and real-life issues that all Executives and Business Owners face.  After finding personal success and achievement and learning to overcome vast and difficult situations in her own career and personal life, she has realized the immense benefits of her studies and experiences as a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 500 hours of training in Classical Hatha Yoga in the Sri Vidya tradition, and over 10 years of personal practice. This program is for Business Owners and Executives and is developed to help successfully foster their marketing efforts, and facilitate much-needed clarity in this chaotic sea of online, and digital media marketing options. When embarking on a major rebrand project, or re-directing marketing efforts in your company, this program is a must, and well worth the investment before embarking on a new direction in your career or life!

Meditative Marketing™ will help you to:
  • Relax and foster clarity in thinking
  • Foster better overall wellness in thought
  • Develop mindfulness when dealing with others to achieve your goals
  • Discover and vanquish obstacles inhibiting your true success
  • Find a pathway and formula for success in your marketing efforts
  • Enable you to prioritize and find your true purpose in your career
  • Allow you to dismiss unnecessary clutter in your strategy
  • Focus on and achieve the right vision for your company
  • Provide a clear roadmap for your brand strategy and future marketing efforts
  • Realize and create confidence and strength in your leadership skills
  • Find your own voice in propelling your vision forward, in a real applicable way
Ms. Di Mascio is available for training sessions, speaking engagements, and one-on-one consultations. The strictest of discretion and confidentially are adhered to at all times when working in this setting. Contact us today for more information on how Newkey Media Solutions, Meditative Marketing™  program can foster your success!

Brand/Life Consulting

Meet with our branding specialist, Antoinette Di Mascio, and her associates to discuss how improving yourself and your employees from the inside, directly impacts your sales and marketing efforts and how you communicate with your audience and potential clients. Offering seminars and personal consulting sessions, see how the technology offered through Yoga, and Ayurvedic platforms can reshape and rekindle a more productive, stress-free, and motivated company environment. Call now and accelerate your brand today!
Sessions and Workshops currently offered for individuals and businesses large and small:
  • Yoga in Your Business- A Perfect Partnership
  • Yogic Philosophies Applied to Mediate Work Stresses
  • Mindfulness in The Workplace
  • Meditation  and Increasing Focus and Achievements
  • Dharma Code Sessions to Identify Purpose and Enhance Workflow
  • Meditative Marketing and Your Brand

Private and group sessions available at your workplace, or retreat center!
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